About Us

Bidding Engine has been developed by Matrix Nodes, an IT company providing end-to-end IT solutions to global players.

We at Matrix Nodes after research and discussion with people who were directly engaged in Project Management, Vendor Empanelment, Procurement, Tender, Contractors in various industries found out that there is a need of a cost effective solution which could be easily be customized and scaled to remove pain-points.

When our consultants at Matrix Nodes started their research we found that the available systems were either exorbitant or were incapable to meet the requirement as they were non scalable and organizations were not able to get return-on-investments.

As an organization level solution, Bidding Engine aligns processes across the organization to make process of bidding and tendering consistent. Our Bidding Engine helps in reducing complexity and bringing control in overall business process of bid and tender management across industries. The benefit is not only cost saving through process management and freeing resources for strategic work but also adherence to compliance and reducing the employee learning curve to increase productivity.

Bidding Engine is best solution for organizations of all sizes across industries. At Matrix Nodes we do understand that business process in every organization is not same and the system needs to fit into the existing process and meet business requirement while managing security and compliance. The modular architecture of Bidding Engine provides unique plug and play feature which allows rapid customization to meet the business requirement in industries like retail, construction, hospitality, healthcare, education, government, mining, energy, oil and gas and many others.